Character Abilities

Roll of 1d20. For 18 and above, roll an additional 1d10. Or, optionally roll 3d10 and add them up. Roll an additional 1d10 and add it as well, for roll of a natural 10 on the last initial die roll. Meaning, only 1 more die roll, not more, any additional rolls of 10 are ignored.

Endowed Magic (EM)

Self Worth



One’s health score x 10 is one’s total starting hit points.

Universal Ability Roll Modifiers

1-3 -9
4-6 -5
7-8 -3
9-10 -1
11 0
12-13 +1
14-15 +2
16-17 +3
18-22 +4
23-26 +5
27-29 +7
30-33 +8
34-37 +10
38-40 +14

Linder Point Modifiers for Abilities

1-10: + 50 related proficiency/spell exp per level
11-14: +200 per level
15-18: + 400
19-22 + 800
23-26 + 1,200
27-29 + 1,500
30-33 + 2,500
34-37 +3,500
38-40 +5,000

Characters gain this respective number of Linder points, upon gaining a new level.

The only ability that can be used to buy any proficiency or spell and does not have to be related, is intelligence.

Endowed Magic (EM) -

Intelligence - Ability to integrate and process
concrete information into abstract concepts that allow character to predict future outcomes, and produce repeatable solutions. PC does an intelligence check when encountering abstract problems.

(*Optional Rules for Intelligence: There are 3 types of intelligence, convergent (CI) divergent, (DI), and Abstraction (A).

Convergent intelligence is the ability to take multiple variables and narrow a problem down to one solution.

Divergent intelligence is the mental ability to take many or multiple variables and integrate them into a larger picture, aka creativity. High DI yields the ability to think outside the box and moreover, to see outside one’s current knowledge.

High CI allows the PC to think within their own host of previously acquired or newly available knowledge to find a solution to given or new problem.

Problems which require both of equal amounts of CI and DI simultaneously are handled by the first, general overall intelligence score.

Abstraction is)

Wisdom - Ability to understand broader ranging problems that one typically thinks of in terms of having ‘wisdom with age.’ PC rolls a wisdom check for example, when trying to decipher the overarching motives of a person or organization, or what to do when rearing a child.

Self Worth: Total Self-Esteem of a character and more specifically, how much one values oneself as per overall self-worthiness.

Charisma - Ability to enrapture and motivate other characters to do what you wish with a currency of awe (of you or your supposed knowledge or ability), gratitude, flattery, self-esteem (theirs and yours) and the overall ability to make others feel important and excited to be around you. This self-importance is typically something one is unconscious to; tacitly accepts, and yet requires to bolster their own self-esteem. That is why people cling onto charismatic characters, as they lose that self-esteem when separated from the charismatic individual. PC rolls a charisma check upon needing to influence another character to do something they want.



Strength - Pure physical strength.



Biological Beauty - The amount of facial and bodily symmetry designated for disease resistance, and selective procreational survival.