Character Classes


School of Magic: Metaphysical Consciousness

Traverser of planes and dimensions. 2nd Master of the Dead Lands.

Innate Proficiencies: Open Temporal Portal, Navigate Dead Lands

Ability Bonus

Warlock Full Profile

Sky Shaper

School of Magic: Metaphysical Consciousness

Shaper of sky matter and light. Master of Sky Xiolyns.

Dead Lander

School of Magic: Metaphysics

1st Master of the Dead Lands. A Dead Lander is a Wizard entirely dedicated to the in-between planes called the Dead Lands.

Nouveau Linderian

Pioneer of a new magical field.


Musical race, but also can be a class for any race.

Time Sorcerers

School of Magic: Consciousness

Wizards who can travel through and manipulate time.


School of Magic: Metaphysical Consciousness, Light

Sun Sorcerer. Main tool is an ancient Linderian sundial. Not a time wizard, but able to manipulate all time in relation to suns in the cosmos. In the time frame native to any PC beginning in the VL world, there are only three suns which rise and fall every other day, together. The largest sun, Vondus, rises as a single sun on those days opposite to the other two: Dina, and Xiolix. See Linderen's Day Cycle Here...

But there are and were other times, Billions of years apart, where there were 3, 4, or 10 suns in the sky. A Sundialer is able to temporarily move this time to summon old or future suns at will.

The entire life of a Sundialer is bent on finding the pieces to an ultimate sundial, as forseen and practiced by the Ancients of Linderen, long lost. The initial sundial, a mini version of the ultimate one, must be found by 5th level, or the sundialer is banished into darkness of Eol, the island of the lost Kings of Vondus.

"Ah Yes, there must be a Sundialer around..." is the oft repeated line, usually a myth or legend since Sundialers with any power are extremely rare. SDs are welcomed for a ripe harvest to be cultivated by the manipulation of the Sun. They only come around however when there is a city or large town in need, as Sun Children or Sundialers are bound by honor never to take riches or money in exchange for their help. Such an act would trigger the dead of Eol to chase the rogue wizard and kill their entire lineage and anyone they knew.

Finding the First Sundial

The Ancient wing of the City of Linderen is the only known place to find the first dial. It is one singular dial as used by the Linderian Ancients, and hidden for future Sorcerers to find.

How the Miniature Dial Works

The Sundial is a phone, and dials into Time.

Problem Solving With Stars

The Sundialer is able to summon the images of distant galaxies, dimensions, and planes that are nearer to the planet and/or space and time of Linderen.

From this image he is able to ask the question: "Have we been here before?" in regards to an immediate problem he or she is facing. Say, a door that won't open to a dungeon, or the way out of a labyrinth.

The fact of the matter is, the same situation could have occurred to the exact individuals in the party, to a version of a past life of the Sundialer themselves.

This galaxies wherever they're from, are then zoomed in and the Sundialer can summon the memories of the sentient beings of the solar systems of whole galaxies that relate to the situation. The Warlock class requires the Sundialer for example to reference these stars and their peoples memories.

Communicating With Stars As Sentient Beings

Suns are sentient beings. Well, most of them

Order of Abilities: EM, Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Strength, Endurance, Beauty, Dexterity, Agility, Charisma, Health


Fortune teller. An Edna is also a race, but anyone can learn to be a fortune teller originally of the Telling Tree wood. These days, they typically inhabit dense cities however, having been cleared out of most Telling Tree woods which are under threat of extinction due to their powerful future casting abilities. Ednas have the unique ability to also make notes on little pieces of paper, come to life in the beholder. These fortunes can be placed in anything such as bottles, but most often inhabit books where the bearer inherits the fortune contained as magic coming to life.

Cambian Knight

Knight of the order of the city of Linderen.

Cambian Municipal Worker

Government worker of the Public of Cambian.