Conformity of Fact. Questions vs Answers.

It is conformity to the most highly likely facts bound by logic--or a surrender of arms. Yours.

Whether I know it or not or even made it a principle or not consciously, that tenet has ruled my life.

Just one example is that I have lost many friends actually just in being vegetarian. Even though I did not lose them outrightly--It is only that they could never get away with doing that, so I can only say that this is what it boiled down to: my refusal to be man, to own a car, a house, to have a why I lost them.

Yet the denial of how meat is consumed as the primary problem to do with our now near and total extinction--has revealed their failure not merely to be friends, but to be human beings. Because human beings value the truth as an active state. The truth is like discipline: it is short term sacrifice for long term gain. Truth is the conformity, a thoughts conformity to reality.

Notice how implicitly most replace reality in this instance with society.

And since society is the ultimate backdrop for the truth, all our rulers have to do Is target our friends whom we always think of when voicing an unpopular position.

I can't tell you how many friends have changed their entire positions on things just because they're friends did. I also didn't realize conversely the value friends had in my life and I also rejected my friends pretty hastily. This is despite the fact that this is all true; that if you reject logic in any degree you are in the long term only punishing yourself even if the only consequence is the actions of others who have led to human extinction.

It is only now that I make the former a policy to move forward and to part all seas, at all costs. I have a learned that absolutism in a certain sense is the only option. As Martin Luther King has said "passivity in the face of oppression is the same moral stature as that of the perpetrator."

Ayn Rand said something very similar: She said that "the appeaser is worse than the aggressor."

It actually took me half my life to really understand what she was saying there. The product of what she meant, is that the gateway, the only gateway through which evil passes is to do with the actions of the appeaser, not the aggressor.

And that the aggressor always consciously relies on the tacit acceptance of the appeaser to do what they want. It wasn't until I started seeing this not merely on a political level but also a familial one that I understood this as a microcosm for all human behavior.

This has been true of every bully I've ever encountered, no matter on what level big or small--and it's been true of every weak person I have ever witnessed. As Rand also said: it is the relationship, this relationship between the monster and the victim; that they actually need each other to keep going.

On some persistent level they both know it, it is all they do know.

Whether it be my father who married a horrible woman, who abused him and took his children away in return for earthly pleasures, defensible though as they may be; or Neville Chamberlain who let Hitler into Poland.

Maybe Chamberlain really did know what Hitler was up to, and needed Hitler in this perverse way.

When I learned that walking 2 to 3 miles a-day, cut my chances of cancer in half, I stopped only walking the adequate amount and pushed myself to do more.

When I learned that writing to oneself or just writing at all, cuts the dementia risk by 40%, I no longer complained myself when I was frustrated because I knew that I was gaining something every time it happened.

The same is true of this God-awful phone keyboard that I had to learn over years and years really without making a typo every other word. Now I write novels on the phone, though it is still not as good a technology as the keyboard on a computer.

In a choice between food and poison, it is only poison that can win. - AR

The point is we think of knowledge reason and logic as we're taught to: in terms of the liberal arts offered up at every University. It's almost laughed at every time that phrase 'liberal arts' is uttered.

But it is the same people making you laugh at that, who claim philosophy is dead as anything but an innocuous hobby, as the people asking you to just keep eating meat, keep watching football, relate merely in terms of phrases and stories rather than questions and answers. It is the same people that don't want you to have the answers they have. The same people who have the one thing you really don't: Capital.