Invisible Time Portals

It is said that order eventually falls back into chaos; that given enough time, man made things will go back to their original state: 'nature.'

But what about when things go the other way? That is, how did life and order originate in the first place?

Given enough noise and invariably patterns will arise. Enough time, and these patterns yield sharper ever more precise patterns.

This patterning out of shuffling is where like attracts like, and we can see the fabric of any order revealed. The birth of the Multiverse has had enough time to layer itself, and virtually all paths are trodden.

This could traverse a layering of past lives, past old and even disappeared Universes long gone, still echoing through eternity. Nonetheless they reverberate over eons, seconds or years.

So when someone lives the same moment again, circumstances surrounding the original event begin to reappear.

Portals in time don't always rip right in front of us, often they are invisible and seemless, as we we will not always know when one dimension becomes another.

Right before howev we a phenomenon of like for like happens

The Sundialer class can actually access like memories of the sentient beings in the solar systems of suns simply by pulling up a galaxy by transmission.