List of Linderian Spells

Open Black hole

Astral Projection

A projection of self through the Dead Lands, into the Astral Plane itself, or into another point in the same space and time.


GM gives out a number of word clues to the player about the place that they are trying to project to. The PC must then guess a certain number of objects or aspects from that realm in order to project.

Add Intelligence, Wisdom, and EM modifiers for total number of clues per duration. This is your AP modifier. GM mirrors a number of clues to match this total, relaying them to the PC.

GM then gives one more object or clue up about the literal place each time the PC names an accurate aspect or object that exists in the immediate environment they are trying to reach. Previous to this the GM must roll 1d20 minus the PC's AP modifier.

This is the number of clues the PC must guess right, before they successfully perform the spell and project their body or whatever is named into the next realm.

Once successful the player merely must roll under their AP spell percentile or spend equivalent number of EM Linder points. 0 or negative results on behalf of the GM mean they skip the guessing game and only have to make the roll or spend the points.