Water nymph. Hyper sexual race of fountain spring dwellers, usually of the Nymphen woods.

Naiades are able to travel through water of any kind and shape shift to make it through any crevice or hole. They mostly do magic and breed, as they are able to give birth without much pain, and their growth rate is only a few hours rather than years and years for other races.

Naiades are also able to generate magic through sex. Related to the Goldens, but not by decendancy or genetics: Goldens are Naiades who were turned undead through a lack of water or sex.

Many common folk call on Naiades to breed with their barren spouses, who then give birth within a matter of hours to a newborn. Other races who bear a half Naiade child, are very pure indeed. One of the only problems is having the sexuality of the Naiade race which is so high that it has created many problems and even total destruction in the towns and orders who have sought to employ them.

Naiades need sex with many others all the time, more than just multiple times per day. The failure to meet those sexual needs can result in death or as just mentioned, turn undead. Again, the same risk results from a lack of water, especially to swim in. Without being submerged in water at least a few times per day, even a half Naiade child will fall sick and more than a week, will begin to turn.

Evil Lords and Wizards have kidnapped whole Naiade orders and used them as biological weapons to breed out entire populations which can turn those cities or even nations into undead armies of Goldens.

Be 30
Cha 21
Wis 18