Vesper Linder Game Introduction

This game is wild. And unlike anything you've ever played.

Meaning that aside from the redacted content available as a cheap and easy fill in supplement--it is literally a raw world published without regard to offending people, or even selling the game itself.

If you are part of the politically correct faintness of heart so in vogue today, be warned: this is not for you; it is not for your kind.

Far from smuggling a conservative point of view either, the game I have invented is not a story originating from this planet at all.

It is the dimensions and world of my head, and everything in it, set to an albeit Earthen fantasy realm.

Despite this normalcy, there are emaciated fairies that deplete yiu of your vital essence and spit your soul back to you as a nightmare. Who shed those souls and writhe around the world spewing ghost terror.

There are sex slave little girls who swallow you whole with their vaginas.

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