Character Classes

Classes for PCs to choose.

Suicide Lords

The love and rite of pain.

Lord of vast suicides, collecting the souls of those who took their own lives. The Suicide Lord also assists the suicidal subject with their own death. Such Lords of death experience their own suicide, that is, take their own lives every day, only to be resurrected in the following.

These Lords tend to be neutral in alignment and always respect the volition of the willing subject, or else vanish back into the other. Vast beautiful gardens grow from where their last soul was taken.

Character Classes


School of Magic: Metaphysical Consciousness

Traverser of planes and dimensions. 2nd Master of the Dead Lands.

Innate Proficiencies: Open Temporal Portal, Navigate Dead Lands

Ability Bonus

Warlock Full Profile

Sky Shaper

School of Magic: Metaphysical Consciousness

Shaper of sky matter and light. Master of Sky Xiolyns.

Dead Lander

School of Magic: Metaphysics

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