Blackstar Cat

The Blackstar Cats are enchanted creatures who roam in homes and shops with a dark luminescent star right on their forehead that can cast dark magic. Their shadows can trap others if too much time is spent standing in them.

Pegasus Turtle

They make people slow down and smell the roses. Good souls that make people concentrate on the world around them. Also, as a defense mechanism, these turtles can slow down an entire radius around them of up to 30 ft. This works as a way of slowing the bleeding or progression of wounds, as well as enemies on the move against them.


The wailing of a woman who died on bad terms with the world. Her echoey screams are the sadness of her previous life. Hear it too much, and be drawn down with it.

Wick n' Wind

Sentient candles that tend to inhabit old castles and some kinds of dungeons. When blown out, inhaling the smoke will put the soul of the candle into whom ever took it in.

White Time Dragon

Light of any distance no matter how far, can't actually pass through or even among the wings of a Time Dragon, so everything in the effective contrails of its wake, leaves the appearance of the past as it was at the age of the Dragons birth, possibly Billions of years ago.

Shake Hands

Shake Hands are undead remnants of woodland skeletons that awaken upon passersby in the path it shoulders. They remain in the spot (always right on the side of a path in the woods) the original creature died in, and are confined to it, though those they encounter don't necessarily know this. Their distinguishing characteristic seems to be a trademark skeletal hand of whatever creature it was, outstretched, jutting into the path as if to shake yours. The outstretched hand is no doubt an invitation of some kind.

Diamond Dogs

Dogs that used by rogues and thieves for smuggling. Conversely, they are used by guards and Cambian police for sniffing them out.

Suicide Lords

The love and rite of pain.

Lord of vast suicides, collecting the souls of those who took their own lives. The Suicide Lord also assists the suicidal subject with their own death. Such Lords of death experience their own suicide, that is, take their own lives every day, only to be resurrected in the following.

These Lords tend to be neutral in alignment and always respect the volition of the willing subject, or else vanish back into the other. Vast beautiful gardens grow from where their last soul was taken.


One the largest trees of all Linderen at 3,423ft with a diameter of 400 ft. Tinman lies just outside Linderen City, and


Water nymph. Hyper sexual race of fountain spring dwellers, usually of the Nymphen woods.

Naiades are able to travel through water of any kind and shape shift to make it through any crevice or hole. They mostly do magic and breed, as they are able to give birth without much pain, and their growth rate is only a few hours rather than years and years for other races.

Naiades are also able to generate magic through sex. Related to the Goldens, but not by decendancy or genetics: Goldens are Naiades who were turned undead through a lack of water or sex.

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