Vesper Linder Core Rules

Vesper Linder Game Introduction

This game is wild. And unlike anything you've ever played.

Meaning that aside from the redacted content available as a cheap and easy fill in supplement--it is literally a raw world published without regard to offending people, or even selling the game itself.

If you are part of the politically correct faintness of heart so in vogue today, be warned: this is not for you; it is not for your kind.

Far from smuggling a conservative point of view either, the game I have invented is not a story originating from this planet at all.

In whose mirth we might be waking?

Vesper Heliotropic Novel Sample

22. Dara’s House

RD AUTO Message: CCCC, CCC 26, Octobre 2089 - Washington D.C.Main-Line USC-CAMBIAN City Territory: ‘CAMBIAN CITY’ |

The morning was still a bit nauseated and Camille’s eyes
were trying to stay open.

Her body had collapsed on the dark wood booth seat, her
head lay slapped a top folded arms.

You of Elysium


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