Vesper Linder Core Rules

Vesper Linder Game Introduction

This game is wild. And unlike anything you've ever played.

Meaning that aside from the redacted content available as a cheap and easy fill in supplement--it is literally a raw world published without regard to offending people, or even selling the game itself.

If you are part of the politically correct faintness of heart so in vogue today, be warned: this is not for you; it is not for your kind.

Far from smuggling a conservative point of view either, the game I have invented is not a story originating from this planet at all.

It is the dimensions and world of my head, and everything in it, set to an albeit Earthen fantasy realm.

Despite this normalcy, there are emaciated fairies that deplete yiu of your vital essence and spit your soul back to you as a nightmare. Who shed those souls and writhe around the world spewing ghost terror.

There are sex slave little girls who swallow you whole with their vaginas.


The Game

The Vesper Linder world is one where anything is possible, and where inter-dimensional portals are the norm in the fabric of magic and time.

The VL system works much in the same way, and in suit, players have the broadest range of possibility open to them. So, aside from the pre-made cast of characters, creatures and magic inherent to the world itself, all players may simply imagine what their characters are. This comes with a host of rules and restrictions that must conform to the nature of the world.

Side Effects

Anytime a saving throw is rolled, an attack is made, or a spell is cast, there are side effects.

Thus if a sword is thrown at a characters face and and misses, there is always a chance it could slide off armor and bounce right back into their face or neck and hit after all. Or accidentally hit the attackers face or neck, or arm etc. Or someone casts a spell and it loses control, opening up a rift to another plane or dimension swallowing all the adventures up into its vortex. Or, an axe hits a piece of wood, and simply saw dust crops up, temporarily blinding the dwarf who tried to cut it.

Side effects are determined by use of percentile dice, or 2d10 x 10 as a percentage.

This roll is modified by the respective modifier from ones respective ability. See ability modifiers. Each one is multiplied by 5. i.e. - One has a +2 on a strength modifier and misses when trying to stab a creature. She or he would then roll percentile with a +10% modifier.

Side Effect Charts:

Roll on each respective chart, depending on whether it is an attack, spell or magic, lifting, transit etc.

It it is up to the GM to determine what each specifically means. This is restricted by the fact that a side effect's nature must conform to the nature of the event. Note that side effects occur regardless of success or failure of an attack, spell, saving throw etc.

Magical Side Effects

Spell is miscast, leading Linder energy to leak into the player. A roll under one's EM is required to avoid amassing too much magic power. Roll 1d6 on the following chart to see what the extra energy leak does if saving throw fails.

1 - Energy dissipates into another player causes 1d4 damage.

2 - Magic pops out of the player in the form of a familiar, a small creature that follows the player around until magic runs out. Roll 1d4 hours for lifespan.

3 - Some bodily appendage grows to a massive size. Which part up to GMs discretion.


90-100% - Unintended benefit to magic user. Spell inflicts double damage or conversely, double health if a healing spell.

1-10% : Dreadful accident - Magic user loses complete control of a spell. Respective backfire of magic, and 50% chance of rift rip and unntentional plane or dimensional opening.


Let's face this game is rough, and your character is probably going to die. At least at some point. That's okay because characters in this world die all the time.

Resurrection magic is deeply embedded in the Linder fabric of space and matter. Consciousness never actually dies as it is made of light, and thus exists its host, the body at 'death.'

That is why souls travel all about everyone all the time, as planes and dimensions all share the exact same space-time as we know it. Dimensions and entities overlap and travel all throughout each other.