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Raspberry vodka, pineapple juice, strawberry banana puree, fresh squeezed lemon and lime, and a dash of bitters. Shaken, and double strained to eliminate pulp and ice shards.

It is conformity to the most highly likely facts bound by logic--or a surrender of arms. Yours.

Whether I know it or not or even made it a principle or not consciously, that tenet has ruled my life.

Just one example is that I have lost many friends actually just in being vegetarian. Even though I did not lose them outrightly--It is only that they could never get away with doing that, so I can only say that this is what it boiled down to: my refusal to be man, to own a car, a house, to have a why I lost them.

I say put the CEO of every student loan corporation on trial. In a Kangaroo court for moral treason. There should be no difference between the moral and national in the sense of punishment for their crimes against humanity.

The most fundamental difference between those who lead and those who follow--is that most have to believe, against all odds and all evidence, that things tomorrow, will be better.

Somehow. Doesnt matter how.

The 'doesnt matter how' part, is why they fail, and fail to see.

The leaders can face the fact that things might not and in all odds, won't be better.

Because it is only those who face it, that are able to change it.

I am reminded of this watching Rango, about a lizard played by Johnny Depp.

When you express at least you move things. When you get angry and avoid, hide the anger--you are counterfeiting your relationship to whatever event, object or person.

Because it is what you would have said, had you been honest. And had you been honest, things around you would move. Good or bad, they would move. You can count on it.

We live in a socially counterfeit world. The strange news is that its always been this way. The bad news is that at no other point in human history, have people been this passive.

Jim Braude almost haphazardly noticed and pointed out that some of the victims of the shooting last night were Vegas shooting survivors. What are the odds?- he asks. Indeed. Obviously part of something much larger. And as always for the purpose of keeping people obedient.

The vote is actually real, but effectively fake. Not hard to tell which one wins, and which one loses in that equation.

It really helps me to know now, that none of this was normal.

It really helps to know that we never really had a chance.

Helps to know, there really were cliques, even in Elementary School.

That cheerleaders and football players really were about keeping artists and thinkers out of style and out of sway.

That there literally really were poisons they called food, they intended us to eat.

We ate them.

And that they were all around us.

Cars really are dangerous. 60,000 deaths a year, a Vietnam.

Every year.