Diamond Dogs

Dogs that used by rogues and thieves for smuggling. Conversely, they are used by guards and Cambian police for sniffing them out.

A Way Down

Opening Up A Portal

The first thing to do to change over into another plane or dimension, if one is a wizard--is to detect where the nearest other dimensions are. As stated in the Linderian introduction to dimensions space and time, planes and dimensions move and overlap just like stars, planets and galaxies.

They move in a different kind of space that has no physical form in what's called the Astral realm. Once one has crossed over into a given plane or dimension, one is existing in the material realm. Before, however and during transit one is going through non-material reality.

Sketch for "A Way Down" Painting

First layer on "A Way Down"

Invisible Time Portals

It is said that order eventually falls back into chaos; that given enough time, man made things will go back to their original state: 'nature.'

But what about when things go the other way? That is, how did life and order originate in the first place?

Given enough noise and invariably patterns will arise. Enough time, and these patterns yield sharper ever more precise patterns.

Death and Resurection


Let's face this game is rough, and your character is probably going to die. At least at some point. That's okay because characters in this world die all the time.

Resurrection magic is deeply embedded in the Linder fabric of space and matter. Consciousness never actually dies as it is made of light, and thus exists its host, the body at 'death.'

That is why souls travel all about everyone all the time, as planes and dimensions all share the exact same space-time as we know it. Dimensions and entities overlap and travel all throughout each other.

Suicide Lords

The love and rite of pain.

Lord of vast suicides, collecting the souls of those who took their own lives. The Suicide Lord also assists the suicidal subject with their own death. Such Lords of death experience their own suicide, that is, take their own lives every day, only to be resurrected in the following.

These Lords tend to be neutral in alignment and always respect the volition of the willing subject, or else vanish back into the other. Vast beautiful gardens grow from where their last soul was taken.


Unlike most role playing games, VL has 5 specific abilities or scores for combat: striking, dodging, blocking, counter attacking, and armor rating.

Hit Ability (HA)
Dodge Ability (DA)
Parry/Roll/Block Ability (PA)
Counter Attack (CA)
Armor Rating (AR)

Swan Forest

Forest of crooked swan neck shaped trees.


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