One the largest trees of all Linderen at 3,423ft with a diameter of 400 ft. Tinman lies just outside Linderen City, and

The Many Fabulous Members of the Marquinette Ensemble

Adventure involving a musical troop of Marquin slaves who come across plans for the assassination of the King of Linderen. What the PCs don't know is that this is a plot to usher in the new Emperor, and the new age of Emperors, and overthrow the rule of Kings.

Adventure begins with PCs encountering an Edna fortune telling of a mysterious event in a note discovered in an old book. "The Emperor is Dead," it reads.

The content of the note is from the future, as slipped by the Edna, Quinti, from a nearby plane shift.



Water nymph. Hyper sexual race of fountain spring dwellers, usually of the Nymphen woods.

Naiades are able to travel through water of any kind and shape shift to make it through any crevice or hole. They mostly do magic and breed, as they are able to give birth without much pain, and their growth rate is only a few hours rather than years and years for other races.

Naiades are also able to generate magic through sex. Related to the Goldens, but not by decendancy or genetics: Goldens are Naiades who were turned undead through a lack of water or sex.


Skills are acquired knowledge through study or mind and body discipline. Skill rolls are done on a percentile die: player must roll under their score for the respective skill to be a successful execution.


Find hidden door/object - 300

Estimate worth - 400 - Accurately estimate the approximate worth of an object precious metal, or gem.

Brainstorm - 400 - Good at coming up with ideas and solutions, outside the box. 5% + 5% per 2 Intelligence points. +10% per 2 DI (Divergent Intelligence) points. +5% per level.

Character Abilities

Roll of 1d20. For 18 and above, roll an additional 1d10. Or, optionally roll 3d10 and add them up. Roll an additional 1d10 and add it as well, for roll of a natural 10 on the last initial die roll. Meaning, only 1 more die roll, not more, any additional rolls of 10 are ignored.

Endowed Magic (EM)

Self Worth



One’s health score x 10 is one’s total starting hit points.

Universal Ability Roll Modifiers

Linderian Day Cycle

In the time frame native to any PC beginning in the VL world, there are four suns which rise and fall every other day, together. The largest sun, Vondus, rises as a single sun on those days opposite to the other three: Dina, and Xiolix and X2.

Character Classes


School of Magic: Metaphysical Consciousness

Traverser of planes and dimensions. 2nd Master of the Dead Lands.

Innate Proficiencies: Open Temporal Portal, Navigate Dead Lands

Ability Bonus

Warlock Full Profile

Sky Shaper

School of Magic: Metaphysical Consciousness

Shaper of sky matter and light. Master of Sky Xiolyns.

Dead Lander

School of Magic: Metaphysics

Dead Land

When a player opens up a portal, to teleport or travel to another plain or dimension, the in-between is by default a 'dead land' or dead version of the place they left, a plane or copy identical to it save a few things.

Note: it is important that the GM knows that Dead Lands are always basically identical to the immediate world, meaning the same point in space and time that the PC left, only with exception to the following:

GM rolls a 1d10 to determine what version of the dead land is active:

Magic in The Vesper Linder World

Magic is wild. Magic is like the wind, it runs all over the place. We are only beginning to understand it, and even then it changes course.

In other worlds, magic has a lot more structure. In the VL world, there really is no difference between spells and just pure magical ability, aside from the school of magic and its related logic. ie. books and verbal incantations.

Experience Points

Experience buys nearly every kind of bonus for any related field.

Initial Experience Points

Add up all roll modifiers and multiply by 1,000


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