Player Character Creation

This consists of choosing a prefabricated race, class etc. or inventing one.

1. Roll abilities.
2. Choose a Race:
3. Choose a Class or Occupation.
4. Choose or invent proficiencies, and spells.

Racial Creation

1. Must be of humanoid nature, or able to possess the character abilities of VL and limited to those maximums.
2. Cannot be gigantic or too large.

Proficiency Creation

Full of Stars

The City of GoG

GoG is a dark city consisting of black towers which are really massive pipes letting out the death rattles of all the dead, for all eternity.

Cambian People

The people of Cambian. From the known world in the city of Linderen, these unified people stand for the Cambian Empire inherited by the ancients.

List of Linderian Spells

Open Black hole

Astral Projection

A projection of self through the Dead Lands, into the Astral Plane itself, or into another point in the same space and time.


GM gives out a number of word clues to the player about the place that they are trying to project to. The PC must then guess a certain number of objects or aspects from that realm in order to project.

Add Intelligence, Wisdom, and EM modifiers for total number of clues per duration. This is your AP modifier. GM mirrors a number of clues to match this total, relaying them to the PC.

Cambian Exo Towns

Bodies of the CAMBIAN elite who are open but kill the mothers of all sons.

Cloud Scapers (Sky Sorcerer)

Symphonic Xiolyns harnessed by a type of Enulite race of Sky Sorcerers.

Memory Trees

Also called 'Garnawins' by the common tongue. They are single plate monoliths related to Enulites, that cast inverted sunlight through their imprinted holes. These cookie cutter holes are objects in other planes and dimensions.


Edna is a fortune telling lady, friend of the Telling Trees wood, the world over; who puts little fortune notes in random books. She is wholly unaware in most cases, of the fact that these fortunes, upon being rediscovered--animate the discoverer in some seriously new ways.

Ednas hang out in trinket stores and markets usually underneath piles of peoples little antiques they've sold to the shop. Many rumor that these trinkets also possess magical powers, to be bought at ones own risk.

Lady Gondon

The guarding lady of an Encyclopedia Cathedral. Also known as a 'Bone Cathedral,' housing all the dead of the Multiverse, as an 'accessible' library of the deceased.

The Gondons are a wealthy family whose legacy and lineage passed away long ago but whose spirits remain to protect the good for being the good.

They are also the resting place of all missing children of Linderen in particular, little girls who died in bondage and slavery.


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