Red Banes

The tribe this spirit is from is unknown to the Linderen world, but most wizards theorize them to come sometime deep in the past.

They appear most often a red skinned man with an axe, slowly creeping up on unsuspecting people. Most often for some reason these spirits inhabit forest hotels and plague and haunt the owners of a given establishment.

Enulites and Xiolyns

Enulites are birch forest dwelling nymphs who appear to lure unsuspecting wanderers into the snare of their shape shifting Xiolyns, to whom they are eternally captive.

Xiolyns are the carriers of actual black holes.

Linderen (City)

Center of the known world. This is especially so, since most of the world, is within the City of Linderen, which is said to be about 300 kilometers in diameter.

The Bump

A nighttime creature that lives in the attics of homes. It consists only of a bumping head that has no body and travels by 'bumping' its way across a floor. Thus, someone observing an upstairs 'bump' would hear a heart beat like continual noise as if a single footstep repeating. This footstep gains speed as it osilates toward its next host. If the victim does get consumed by a bump, their head is imploded and 'absorbed' by the bump, who is the head of its last victim.

Vesper Linder Game Introduction

This game is wild. And unlike anything you've ever played.

Meaning that aside from the redacted content available as a cheap and easy fill in supplement--it is literally a raw world published without regard to offending people, or even selling the game itself.

If you are part of the politically correct faintness of heart so in vogue today, be warned: this is not for you; it is not for your kind.

Far from smuggling a conservative point of view either, the game I have invented is not a story originating from this planet at all.

Character Abilities

Roll of 1d20. For 18 and above, roll an additional 1d10.

General Intelligence (GI)
- Convergence
- Divergence
- Abstraction
- Wisdom
- Knowledge
Endowed Magic (EM)
- Telepathy
- Telekinesis
- Psionics

General Intelligence (GI)

Intelligence grants bonuses for both proficiencies and spells.

Linderen Bars

Bars aren't quite the tame places they are today, as much as a place to buy have collective drug experiences and brothels which virtually every bar is a host to.


People who travel through mirrors. And dont always have any other existence.

The mirror travel is via the dead lands* as a conduit, though one can get trapped in it.

Donons can travel through space from literal point to point Transit to another mirror, or for inter-planer travel.

Note that if one encounters a mirror in the dead lands, unless one is a Donon or otherwise experienced wizard, one will encounter a random or tangled web of destinations.

Telling Tree

A telling tree will mix truth and lies leaving the player to guess which is which but can predict the future


Young girls who essentially act as vampire sex slaves. And are caught in inter-planer travel as birth is a magical act. These creature-whores systematize the sex act for money or personal gain, or the gain of their tribe.


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