Vesper Linder

Vesper Linder is a role playing game consisting of its own world, but able to be played in Dungeons & Dragons or Palladium books universes. It has rules for both game systems as well as its own rules.

You are welcome to play in whichever system you feel most comfortable. The VL system is more descriptive and comprehensive, and a bit more complex than D&D or Palladium in a sense, yet simpler in that a lot of the mechanisms of play are more direct and often more straightforward. It is up to you, there are stats and rules for all three systems, right here.

Apart from having convertible rules, this game is wild. Its content is unlike anything you've ever played.

Meaning that it is literally a raw world published without regard to offending people, or even selling the game itself.

If you are part of the politically correct faintness of heart so in vogue today, be warned: this is not for you; it is not for your kind.

Far from smuggling a conservative point of view either, the game I have invented is not a story originating from this planet at all.

It is the dimensions and world of my head, and everything in it, set to an albeit Earthen fantasy realm.

Despite this normalcy, Linderen itself is a planet the size of Jupiter. Cambian City is ten times the size of L.A. and New York City put together.

There are emaciated fairies that deplete you of your vital essence and spit your soul back to you as a nightmare. Who shed those souls and writhe around the world spewing ghost terror. There are disembodied 'Bumps' that exist in attics of people's homes that bite your head off to absorb it and scatter your memory into the Astral Realm. There are sex slave girls who swallow you whole with their vaginas, then sell you to ghost ship pirates who keep you as stock for coastal hotels of the undead. There are Wizards who can move whole star systems from other dimensions, and White Time Dragons who guard the riches of The Four Suns.

One of the best things about this game, is that you can play monsters and races of any class as a Player Character, there is no such thing as NPCs vs. PCs in that sense.

The Vesper Linder world is one where anything is possible, and where inter-dimensional portals are the norm in the fabric of magic and time.

Click this link to enter the first page, from which at bottom left, is a menu that contains all the rules, stats, player character classes, etc. that one can select from and read about. Below this, is the initial category that begins with creatures.